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The Black/White Off White Swoosh sets with orange tab have pre installed doubled sided tape.  You must prep the shoe prior to applying the swoosh or it will not properly adhere.

Installation Instructions:

 1) Clean shoe of any dirt/debris

2)  Use acetone to remove factory finish

3) Peel the protective layer from back side of swoosh that adheres to shoe and then attach it

4) Repeat process on other shoe

The Holographic Set comes with either double sided tape OR velcro.   Both installations are the same, the difference is that the velcro swoosh sets can be removed from the shoe whilst the double sided tape sets can not.

EACH SET COMES WITH (2) TWO SWOOSHES!!! Remember these are for the OUTSIDE of the left and right shoe to mimic the off white style.  If you need more than (2) swooshes you must purchase more than (1) set.