GITD/Chameleon/Color Changing/Holographic Paint

This collection has all of the custom paint from glow in the dark to color changing.

The heat activated paint is activated at 77 or 86 degrees.  

The cold activated paint is activated at 72 degrees.

Glow in the dark paint is activated by UV light (available on site) and sun light.

Holographic paint gives you the prism finish that you want.


Please shake all paint before using.  Paint tends to settle during transit!  After shaking make sure the surface is clean and free of debris.  You still need to prep.  Apply the color changing paint to light surfaces (white, tan etc).  Apply the chameleon paint/holographic to DARK surfaces (black, navy blue) for best results. Apply the glow in the dark paint to areas that you want to glow.  You will not make the entire shoe glow with this paint! you can highly certain areas.  Since most of this paint is large particle it wont break down enough to cover every inch of the shoe but does better in accented areas.

After applying paint let dry.  Use heat/cold to see your transition with the heat/cold activated paint.  Use the shift of the sun to see the chameleon/holographic effect and use the UV light to see the GITD effect on the shoe and laces (also available on site.