How long will it take my order to ship?


Most domestic orders ship within 48 hours, some may ship within 24 hours we pride ourselves on our blazing shipping.  We do not hit you with processing times unless your information does not match.  In that case, the order will be held until it is confirmed and processed completely.  This is to protect you (the buyer) against someone using your card without your knowledge, and also us (the seller) to avoid being hit with a chargeback for a fraudulent purchase.

Orders placed by 12pm on a weekday usually ship next day if the payment method is via Paypal.  Orders placed with credit cards ship 2 business days later.  This is to avoid fraudulent orders. Orders placed on Saturday/Sunday ship on Tuesday. 


For example:

New Customers who order by 12pm Monday and pay with Paypal  will ship Tuesday.

New customers who order by 12pm Monday and pay with a credit card  will ship Wednesday.

Customer with multiple orders ship within 24 hours. The more established your order history is with us the faster it ships.  We do this to avoid fraudulent purchases and allow the customer to contact their institutions if their information has been compromised somehow.

 All international orders will have a 3 day processing period to ensure the transaction is not a fraudulent charge. All international orders will also only be accepted using Paypal as the method of payment.  International orders who use credit cards through Shopify pay will be refunded.  This is done as a measure to reduce fraudulent chargebacks.


Does your sole dye come with instructions and is it permanent?




What can your sole dye be used on?


The sole dye was designed specifically for translucent (icy) soles.  The only exception would be the black sole dye.  Its powerful enough to penetrate and go over anything.  The other colors are very bright on icy soles.  The sole dye can not be used on hard soles (air force 1s, retro 1 hard bottoms)


What is the flex?


The flex is a flexible adhesion promoter that increases flexibility and it comes with instructions.


Do I have to get fabric medium with the Dye Na Flow?


I highly recommend it to get the best results out of the product, a fabric medium should always be used with Dye Na Flow.


Do you always have specials?


Subscribe to the newsletter and when we run a special you will be the first to know.


I want to get leather laces but how do I know what size to order?


Kid size shoes GS 4-7Y 45" lows, 54” highs 

Men's sz shoes 54" (lows) and 63" (highs)

Big and tall shoes 71"