Permanent Sole Dye

 The Sole Dye Bundle is NOT eligible for discount as it is already severely discounted. 


This sole dye is designed for TRANSLUCENT (ICY OR CLEAR) SOLES (IE Yeezy 350s, Retro 11s etc) This dye is not designed for hard rubber soles such as air force 1s. People have experimented other ways but it is my duty to tell you what it is designed for. The black however, has been used to stick on pretty much anything. Its very powerful.

Clean sole with soap and water BEFORE applying dye! Always start at the bottom when applying dye in case its not the color you want its not visible! You can use a hairdryer in between coats continue adding to your desired finish.  Do NOT dye the shoe upside down, this is DYE it will RUN. The shoe needs to be dyed with the sole down.

If u want to make Dye lighter BEFORE application purchase the diluter as well! If u want to test the color after diluting use an inconspicuous part of the shoe like the bottom. Start applying the diluted dye to the sides and front once you are satisfied.

To use diluter use a separate measuring cup like one for cough medicine. Add diluter first and add dye until you get desired color. You can test on an inconspicuous part of sole to see if it’s light enough.