Cotton Flat Laces

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Add some spice to your kicks with these colored flat cotton laces!  These are perfect laces to replace your retro 1 laces as well as other kicks that use the flat laces!

Looking to buy replacement laces for your Air Jordan 1's, Air Force 1's, Vans, Air Max or other shoes? Our AJ1 replacement shoelaces are the perfect fit! Same length, width, & ultra soft feel as the original's. 

Recommended Lace Lengths: 

AJ1 High - 72"
AJ1 Mid / AJ 4,5,6 - 63"
AJ1 Low / AJ 3- 54"

*some colors may slightly vary in color from pictures*

45" for gs size shoes low tops

54" for GS Retro 1s and 63" and 72" for men's shoes 

Number of Eyelets Lace Length
3 Eyelets 30 Inches
4 Eyelets 36 Inches
5-6 Eyelets 45 Inches
6-7 Eyelets 54 Inches
7-8 Eyelets 63 Inches