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You will never go out of style with a handmade tie dye T-shirt in your closet! Jacquard has developed two easy to use tie dye kits that produce bold groovy designs within 24 hours. You can dye any natural fiber garment with Jacquard's Tie Dye kits which include all of the supplies needed to dye fabric. The Procion MX dye powder provided in the kit is colorfast and dyed fabrics retain vibrant colors after repeated washings. 

Instructions as follows:

Large Tie Dye Kit: Jacquard Large Tie Dye Kit Instructions - Trilingual [pdf]

Funky Groovy: Funky Groovy Tie Dye Kit Instructions [pdf]

Indigo: Indigo Tie Dye Kit Instructions [pdf]

Jewel tones: Jewel Tones Tie Dye Kit Instructions [pdf]