Glow In The Dark Paint 1 oz

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This paint is premixed and ready for immediate use upon arrival. Shake well first and if you have to strain then do that.

You will receive (1) oz bottle of paint.  The image on the right is an example of the glow.  Must use UV/Blacklight to see it.  It is charged by sunlight.

This pigment will not make the entire shoe glow.  Best applied  with a paint brush you need to build a solid layer for a solid glow and the rest of the shoe will just illuminate and show glow pigments in the background over large areas.  The picture in the listing shows an example of using it on highlight areas with a brush for best application.

Shelf Life: Do not order this paint if you do not plan on using it for months! This paint needs to be used within weeks so the pigment doesn't settle at the bottom. By purchasing this paint you acknowledge that you will use the paint within two weeks for best results.