Custom 1 on 1 Basic Class (4 hours) session via Zoom

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This is the option to schedule a custom 1 on 1 (4 hour block) on how to customize.  We will cover all the basics of customizing.  Starting with prep, supplies needed, what brushes to use, what paint to use on what parts, additives and finally the sealer.  I will answer whatever questions you have in this tier.  Airbrushing is not involved.  this is a beginners class.  Airbrush is an advanced class. This is virtual there are no refunds for this service as the service can not be taken back once rendered. If after the class you realize that you need different products that we discuss you will be given a 15% discount code to use within 7 days.  

This option is only available on Sundays.  The time will be from (1pm-5pm CST) It is your job to ensure that you are available for your scheduled class.  Due to the limited nature of this there are absolutely no changes to reschedule.  You must be courteous of others who have paid for a session as well.  Send an email to purchase this. The cost of this service is $250 total.  This service is non refundable by purchasing this the customer acknowledges they are entering into a binding contract and will not file a dispute with their bank or cardholder after the class.