Local Pick Up

Local pick up procedures.  You may select local pick up to avoid paying a shipping fee if you are close enough to pick up.  After you pay for your order you will receive a "pickup ready" notification.  You will have 3 BUSINESS DAYS to pick the item up.  After 3 business days if the item (paint or supplies) has not been picked up your order will be cancelled and refunded to original payment method.  There is simply no room to hold packages more than 3 days.


If you order an article of clothing that is made to order, for local pick up and it is not picked up within 3 BUSINESS DAYS (for example, you order Saturday.  The first business day is Monday, 2nd day is Tues and 3rd final day is Wednesday that it must be picked up by).  If it is not picked up by the 3rd business day a shipping invoice will be sent so that the item can ship.  Since it is a custom item and once paid for it can not be cancelled it will not be fully refunded for failure to pick up.  Shipping invoice must be paid, if shipping invoice is not paid within 24 hours only 50% of the order will be refunded (50% will be retained by the seller) as the buyer will have forfeited the right to full refund for failure to pick up.


Please understand this LOCAL PICK UP POLICY before selecting local pick up.  You will be sent a "ready for pick up" notification when your item is ready for pick up.  Your 72 hours starts from the time the notication is sent.